10W CW TX power (unmodulated carrier)
Built in VSWR meter for antenna checks, tuning and transmitter protection
25Khz and 8.33Khz fully compliant receiver and transmitter
Offset carrier support for all classes
Automatic store and recall of last received transmissions (up to 1 minute total)
Two place digital intercom with advanced VOX
12/14V to 24/28VDC operation, lowest power consumption in class
Rugged mechanical design
Very low cost

The V16 VHF airband transceiver is a split module design. This allows great flexibility of use. Connect to an MGL iEFIS and use the EFIS as control head for a low cost, minimum panel space design or fit a Razor 3.1/8” touch screen control head or a Vega 2.25” control head – or fit any combination of these if you would like to control your radio from different stations.

In combination with the MGL N16 navigation receiver (available soon) build a NAV/COM solution supporting industry standard protocols at lowest cost yet with a performance exceeding the most expensive current solutions !

Both the V16 and N16 are built around a newly developed high performance direct conversion receiver architecture that avoids many of the problems present in traditional radios while offering possibilities simply not practical with older technology.

Auxiliary Audio/Music input with auto-mute
TX Interlock for dual radio installations
Built-in SWR Meter to check antenna matching. Good antenna match will result in VSWR of 1.3 or less (ideal would be 1.0, which would mean no reflected power.
Remote flip-flop
Scan (monitor standby frequency).
Channel Spacing: 25KHz or 8.33KHz
Input Voltage: 12/14V and 24/28V (10-28 Volts)
Current Draw at 13.8V Supply: RX: 0.3A and TX: 2.5A (10 Watts)
Weight: 10.6 oz (300 grams)

Modular Design: The V16 is a split design remote-mount Com Radio that is controlled via a separate controller/EFIS.

Pick Your Controls: The V16 Com Radio can be controlled by a mix (and any number) of Razor or Vega Control Heads. This means you can have dual left seat and right seat radio displays and controls, or front and back (for tandem seat aircraft). It can also be controlled directly by an MGL Avionics iEFIS (Gen 3 and above), with or without Razor/Vega Controls.

Big Power: The V16 Com Radio boasts 10 Watts of Transmit Power (unmodulated carrier).

Low Cost: Designed with modern components and ingenuity for the lowest cost.

SL30/SL40 Compatible: When the V16 is paired with a Razor/Vega control, the control can be connected to any EFIS or display that communicates with SL30/SL40 protocols, to tune the radio and load frequency lists.

2 Channel VOX Intercom: The V16 includes a 2-place intercom with a wide-range VOX system. Multiple headsets can be connected to the Passenger channel if necessary. The advanced voice-activated intercom provides clear audio in noisy cockpits. In extreme cases the intercom can be activated via a switch connected to V16 (intercom PTT).

RX Playback “Say Again”: The V16 can replay up to a minute of the last several transmissions. Miss a clearance from ATC? No problem – simply hit the Playback button on your Razor Control head or use a switch connected to discrete input in V16 Com to replay the last transmission. Hit the button again to play the previous transmission.

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