Transponder KTX2-F.V2Mode-S Transponder KTX2-F.V2 160mm Stack

KTX2.V2 Transponder

  • ADS-B out FAA 2020 mandate compliant
  • transflective color display
  • suitable for direct sunlight
  • optional plug-and-play Adapter for Bendix-King KTxx connection
  • light
  • minimal power consumption
  • antenna loop-through
  • ETSO, TSO, FCC approval digital
  • Technology
  • The TQ-KTX2-F.V2 Mode-S transponder for standard 160 mm stacks is one of the most modern transponders on the market. Low weight, compact dimensions, featuring low power consumption in a lightweight, compact form.
  • A brilliant, transflective color display suitable for direct sunlight, compatibility with the ADS-B Out 2020 Mandate, and intuitive operation result in an excellent price-to-performance ratio. The KTX2.V2’s exclusive loop-through antenna eliminates the need to install a second antenna for any ADS-B In hardware.


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